Counseling in Sport and Performance Psychology

Counseling in sport and performance psychology can help athletes and performers of various interests with:

  • Learning mental readiness: Knowing how to prepare mentally and emotionally for sport/performance.
  • Devising a customized mental readiness plan for lessons, practices, and competitions.
  • Assessing current mental strengths and growth areas and working with the athlete/performer to improve mental approach to endeavors.
  • Increasing positive relationships with support network (parents, coaches, trainers, teammates, instructors, medical practitioners).
  • Development of realistic and meaningful sport and/or performance goals.
  • Guiding career and performance challenges. Assisting in creating a vision for success and executing a master plan.
  • Identifying learning styles and needs, and how to communicate these to one’s leaders (coaches, directors, supervisors); so, one can improve as an individual and as a team member.
  • Developing and increasing the ability to enter the “zone”. The zone is the master key to performance success. Counseling in sport and performance psychology can help one get there more often.
  • Increasing and maintaining motivation. One needs a refined combination of intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivation for optimum functioning.

Individual Fees: $125.00 for 50-minute session, $160.00 90-minute session

Team/Group Fees: $50/hr. per person: 3-10 people (minimum 3)

Fee for groups over 10 people may be negotiated.