Corporate and Group Team Building Training

Even the strongest of groups can benefit by taking a break from everyday responsibilities to learn and practice new ways to bond and grow. Team building activities can:

  • Enhance social relations.
  • Define and increase roles within groups.
  • Align goals and visions.
  • Provide structure and facilitation which may allow groups to discover and explore new ways to problem solve.
  • Reduce confusion and ambiguity related to roles and responsibilities.
  • Better support and define a company’s/group’s mission.
  • Break up monotony.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Find solutions to issues.

My work and education have provided me a solid and diverse background in creating and facilitating corporate and group trainings. Some topics I have covered are:

  • Keeping one’s composure in emergency situations.
  • The importance of internal and external motivation on performance.
  • Stress management for first responders during COVID-19.

Based on the needs of the organization, team building sessions can be as short as one-hour and purely informational; or multiple hours/days with features such as assessments, hands-on activities, and post-session reports built into the package.

Corporate and Group Team Building Fees: Starting at $50 per person (minimum 3 people). Please call (503) 435-7663 or fill out the contact form below for specific pricing.