Counceling Specialties:

Mental Health Counseling:

Offers the possibility to not only alleviate mental, emotional, and physical pain; but the opportunity to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

Career Counseling:

Assists clients in exploring life, learning, and work changes. This includes career exploration, making career choices, and managing career changes.

First Responder Counseling:

Supports the unique culture of first responder workers (peace officers, firefighters, emergency room practitioners, ambulance paramedics/EMT, dispatchers). Provides a safe, accepting environment in which to build trust.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Counseling & Life Skills Training:

Offers therapeutic and training approaches tailored to the needs of this population. Promotes celebrating their given strengths and finding constructive ways to foster new positive behaviors and skills.

Counseling in Sport & Performance Psychology:

Can help athletes and performers of various interests increase their mental readiness and develop positive ways to handle subjects such as error recovery, team/support network dynamics, and injuries/illness.

Corporate and Group Team Building:

Team building activities are a way to enhance social relations, define and increase roles within teams/groups, and align goals and visions.

Therapeutic Approach:

I believe that the most effective client and counselor relationship is one based on mutual respect and collaboration. My theoretical orientation is rooted in the philosophies of existential psychology which emphasize individual existence, freedom, choice, and responsibility.

Delivery of Services and Service Area:

The majority of my services are provided via Zoom sessions. Sport and performance psychology services and corporate team training may be provided in person, if social distancing measures can be followed. I may provide services in Oregon (Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern) and Washington (Mental Health Counselor Associate).